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What you need to plan before petting kittens


Having pets is not a problem but their care is somewhat a task of responsibility. You cannot afford to be lenient with pets especially if you have adopted rare breeds like teacup kittens. Such pets are very much prone to health problems and you need to be extra careful. There are many points to be taken care while breeding or petting kittens Florida. Small kittens are mostly preferred as pets as they are adorable and pleasant companions. We can help you with responsible care of kittens little bit. Here we are going to share some insight on how to properly take care of kittens.
When to adopt them
When you are planning to take kittens as your pets the first thing to consider is the age of their adoptions. Kittens need at least 3-5 months to become socializing with teacup breeds this time period is 3 to 4 months. You should not adopt kittens before this age as it is not good for the health of the kittens. They need this much time to become comfortable to socialize with others. Another important factor to keep under check is that when you adopt these kittens check that they are not runts. Some breeders sell unhealthy runts as teacup breeds as they are small in size. However these kittens are unhealthy and that is why they are small in size.
As a thumb rule you should remember that teacup breeds weigh around 3 to 6 pounds. The male on average weighs 6 to 7 pounds. However other cats weigh on average 3 to 12 pounds and thus it is helpful to check the weight of kitten.
Caring Tips
After you have bought a kitten, it is time to take care of all the tits and bits to keep it healthy. Here are some tips which will help you to nurture it easily.
Warmth is what needed for teacup breeds. Such kittens are frail then others so keep them warm all the time especially during winters. Give her a personal box where she can relax. Keep a blanket at bottom and wrap a heating pad in it to provide it warmth.
Make a proper check at the quality of the food you provide to kittens. Check the label of the food it should be high in proteins and minerals which help kittens to grow healthier and stronger. Also make sure that you always provide water to kittens. Keep them in shallow bowls so that it is easy for kittens to drink water.
Littering in the boxes is somewhat kittens are inclined. Train them to litter in the boxes from early times this will help in nurturing their habit to go bathroom in litter box.
Last but not least always keep the track of vaccination schedules all the time. Take your kitten to the local vet for regular checkups. This will help you to keep her healthy all the time and she will grow into a stranger cat. These are some basic tips which will help you to nurture a healthy kitten.

Taking care of teacup Kittens is not that difficult and you can easily pet them. Just visit any kittens Florida related blog and you will find support you need.

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