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Treatment For Hair, Weight Loss & Skin Problems | Anoo’s Salon & Clinic Services | Good Health | V6


Treatment For Hair, Weight Loss & Skin Problems | Anoo's Salon & Clinic Services | Good Health | V6

Today’s Program is about Treatment For Hair Weight Loss And Skin Problems and for this Dr Anuradha from Anoo’s Salon & Clinic Services will give the solution to the caller question.

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  1. kise ka bhi weight tb tk km nhi hota h jb tk wo na chahe maine 25 kg km kiya h apne se apke ek bhi diet km nhi kiya

  2. I am following your veg diet and have lost weight. I drink 2 liters of ginger lemon detox water daily. However, these days I am feeling really thirsty. I feel thirsty even after drinking 2 glasses of water. Can you tell me the reason for this with solution.

  3. hi suman big fan of you
    mera gall bladder remove hua hai 2 year back ab mujhe digestion problem ,gas problem acidity rehte hai pta nahi kya khao plzzzz humare lea bhi diet chart btaoo…

  4. Plz make video on stevia is it good for health or not now a days many people use this as a sugar substitute plz suggest is it good for weight lose ???????